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AIR Tour

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Our recently launched website, Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR), has been growing rapidly—now incorporating almost 600 members. The website includes a variety of great resources designed for all artists and art-based organizations, not only for inspiration and motivation, but also for connecting and succeeding. This regional arts incubator is a wonderful opportunity for artists to utilize many tools in one convenient website.

Recently, we have added a helpful and comprehensive website tour to the homepage. This tour, guided by our own Executive Director, Beth Flowers, walks viewers through the website features and functionality. If you have never visited the website before, have casually browsed it, or have recently become a member, this tour is the perfect chance to learn the power of the website and how to use it.

We are still in the midst of our membership drive and are recruiting as many people as possible. There is no force to commit. Though paid members have access to more features and benefits, free memberships still include a great base of available resources. So please, visit the website, and take the tour to help get you immersed in AIR.

Fresh AIR

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The Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR) is a new program created in collaboration with Beet Street, Colorado State University, and the City of Fort Collins. But, instead of just Colorado based, it is a 10 state regional arts incubator program with a beautifully crafted website as its foundation.

The AIR website provides a place where artists can share and get feedback on their work, collaborate with other artists, look for job opportunities in the Opportunity Center, watch inspirational videos, and read helpful articles in the Knowledge Center. Also offered, are the Shift and Evolve workshops, which were generated to develop and expand individuals’ confidence and success in their professional journeys. Overall, It is an amazing site centered around and specifically constructed for all kinds of artists and art organizations.

There is an option to be a free or paid member (added benefits and features for paid members), and with paid memberships starting at $50 annually, the benefits outweigh the cost. AIR combines marketing opportunity, a constructive artist community, and the convenience of multiple tools for artists in one place.

The more members who join AIR, the deeper the benefits and the higher the quality the website becomes. If you haven’t already, check out the website and all its amazing features, become a member, and tell all your friends.

Bugs on the Wall

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Jennifer Angus’s exhibition “Memory Game” depicts an interconnected world of insects and humans. Angus’s work incorporates various patterns and beautifully organized arrangements of bugs that are displayed on the wall. The installation was partially inspired by the Ray and Charles Eames Memory Game the artist experiences in her childhood.

A wall full of bugs might not sound the most appealing to some, but Jennifer Angus redefines the nature and conception of insects in a precise and wonderful manner. Seeing this installation will not only surprise viewers, but also get them thinking about bugs and art in a new way.

In addition to the regular exhibition, CSU Professor of Entomology, Dr. Whitney Cranshaw, is presenting a gallery talk this Thursday, October 18th, at 6:30 p.m. on “Colorado’s Big Bugs.” This exhibition is currently featured in the Lincoln Center and will run through November 3rd.  For more information, please visit this website.

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October 17th, 2012 at 10:00 am

Only in Fort Collins

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One of many musicians unique to the Fort Collins scene: dACCORDion.

Only in Fort Collins can you expect to find a surprise around every corner. That’s Streetmosphere’s slogan, and we’re sticking to it!

The program just completed its seventh weekend of performances in Old Town, Fort Collins. Despite some bad weather and some smoky air, we couldn’t be more pleased with the performances, the artists, and the crowds that have come out to support Streetmosphere every weekend.

All these feelings of nostalgia prompted the “street team” to dig deeper—to uncover the things about Streetmosphere and Fort Collins that are truly different than anywhere else in the world. It wasn’t difficult to find these things; in fact, the list had grown exponentially after just one day of observation.

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Weekend Spotlight: Half Moon Arts

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Alicia Randall, 17, works on painting her piece entitled 'Dragon'

Bright colors, towering animal faces, and wood chips lined College Avenue this weekend, while as many as 4 artists worked away with Half Moon Arts. The local non-profit, run by Rose Moon, works with at-risk youth, ages 13-21, to create an environment both artistic and imaginative.

The program utilizes the process of making totem poles to inspire the participants. From a log of wood, they carve out a unique world, followed by a heaping amount of colorful paint. Creativity is highly encouraged, helping to promote self-esteem and healing. The work produced by these amazing young people sells through local events, allowing for feelings of accomplishment and success. The organization has been commissioned to make totem poles for many organizations in town as well, such as the Fort Collins Cat Rescue.

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A member of ARCINDA teaches 3-year-old, Torin, to play the demung.

The non-profit, musical and dance performance group, ARCINDA, joined the ranks of Streetmosphere’s talented artists when they played in Oak Street Plaza on Sunday. The group of eight performers nestled themselves cozily into a corner of the plaza—they even brought their own carpets to sit on—and brought the sounds of faraway Indonesia to Fort Collins, Colo.

ARCINDA’s mission is to do just that: to combine the eastern and western worlds by performing and educating people about the arts and culture of Indonesia. They do so using a variety of heavy, wooden instruments called Javanese Gamelan, which they play while other members of the group sing and dance in typical Indonesian fashion.

Many of the eight members that played at Oak Street Plaza on Sunday had their own Javanese Gamelan. These instruments grabbed the audience’s attention purely based on their immensity and ornately carved wooden structures, not to mention their uniqueness to western culture. Of the Javanese Gamelan on site, there were two gongs, four demung, a bonang, and a kendang.

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Oom-pa-pa, Oom-pa-pa!

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Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet: Sam Arrieta, Chris Krueger, Cody Krueger, and Zach Garcia (pictured left to right)

Comprised of professional musicians from the Fort Collins area, the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet embodies everything that is Fort Collins music.

The Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet has performed several Streetmosphere performances this summer and has certainly gathered a lot of local attention. Performing at sites such as Moe’s Original Barbeque and Oak Street Plaza, the Quartet appeals to a wide variety of audiences by playing all types of genres: polka, jazz, classical, ceremonial, and even some modern pop. 

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The show goes on!

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Despite the smoke caused by the High Park Fire, many people were about Old Town this weekend to enjoy many Streetmosphere performances. Chris Bates, a local artist, set up just outside of Austin’s on Saturday evening and mesmerized many community members with his unique artwork.

Bates specializes in pen and ink portraits, acrylic paint, mixed media, and murals.

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Streetmosphere Begins with an Exciting Lineup of Entertainment!

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The First of Many Weekends of Entertainment along the Streets of Fort Collins, showcasing the Poudre School District Elementary Music Students.


As spring time comes to an end and the summer months soon approach us, the question that comes to mind is, what are you doing the weekend of May 11-13?

The answer is Streetmosphere’s opening weekend in Downtown Fort Collins. Returning for another great season of street performances, Streetmosphere is Fort Collins’s own unique showcase of our community’s talented artists, performers, and entertainers.

Streetmosphere is Beet Street’s signature cultural program that transforms Fort Collins into a spontaneous, outdoor performing arts festival all summer long. Streetmosphere provides high quality, free performances that boasts civic pride for our local, creative talent.


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Artist Opportunities in Fort Collins

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The Lincoln Center is one of Colorado’s largest and most diverse presenters of professional theatre, dance, music, visual arts and children’s programs. With its mission of  being a leader in cultural experience and being an essential value to the community, the center provides unique opportunities for creatives of all types to show off their artistic abilities.

Upcoming opportunities at the Lincoln Center:


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