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Performer Spotlight: Ryan Fourt Trio

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Jazz guitarist Ryan Fourt played with a number of Streetmosphere groups in 2012 and enjoyed his experience so much he decided to audition with his own group this year. Fourt says, “I love playing with my trio and the kinds of things we can do in terms of interaction and interplay are what really inspire me. Ryan says, “To me, Streetmosphere is like the icing on the cake to what is already an amazing music and cultural scene… the fact that you can walk between all the various street corners and hear something completely different at each one is a testament to the great talent that we have right here in Northern Colorado.

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August 27th, 2013 at 2:41 pm

Week Number 2: A Sign Of Things To Come!

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People filled the streets of Old Town this weekend, taking in the various acts that Streemosphere had to offer. The second week of the festival was a successful one, complete with sunshine that brought in swarms of people stopping to witness the action.

On Friday, Staci Tomazewski and her marimba were a definite crowd pleaser. People lined the sidewalk on the corner of Mountain and College to listen to her play, a few kids even joined in and learned a thing or two. Staci’s set created a laidback atmosphere that the audience could not help but respond to. The unique sounds and look of the marimba caused even those passing by to turn their heads, completely enthralled by the performance.

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Here Comes the Sun, and Streetmosphere!

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After a few grey days full of much needed moisture, it was wonderful to see the sun come out in support of out first weekend out with Streetmosphere! In Oak Street Plaza, the sound of jazzy rhythms and sweet voices filled the air. Not only did the Crosson Sloniker Consort draw in a crowd to listen, but added to the ambiance of the plaza. Children, equally happy to be out in the sunshine, ran and played in the fountains, walked with their parents, and explored Downtown, all to the serenade of cool jazz. The band was engaging and friendly, as all of our performers are, and totally willing to pause their set in order to talk with a community member or listen for a request. Seeing the community come alive, with a big blue banner drawing them in, was amazing, a great end to our first weekend out! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Be prepared, there’s a surprise around every corner.

A Sun Filled Mother’s Day

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Jessalyn Wold dances along to the sounds of T-Band.

Mother’s Day was a bright and happy one this year filled with music, art and sunshine! The rain took a break on Sunday to let the sun come through and the kids come out to play.

One of the performers, T-Band, set up shop in front of Ingredient, where quite a few little dancers joined them. The kids loved the sounds of the strings and could not help but stop and dance along with the band. They twirled about as their parents sat and clapped along or, in some cases, joined in.

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Arts Incubator of the Rockies Curriculum Design Unveiling

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The Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR) is proud to announce a public unveiling of the AIR Curriculum Design that will highlight the hard work, time, and creativity that has been put into place over the past three months of developing the core curriculum.

On Wednesday, April 25th, AIR will be hosting an “Unveiling of Curriculum Design” from 5:30pm-7:00pm at the Lincoln Center, Canyon West room.

Interested visual artists, writers, musicians, performers, designers, arts administrators, other creatives, and community members are invited to attend the presentation to learn more about the developments of what AIR will be offering beginning this fall.

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Why Audition for Streetmosphere?

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After selecting our group of 63 performers for the 2012 Streetmosphere summer series, we wondered – why did all these talented folks audition to perform on the streets of Fort Collins?

A collaborative list of answers by a few of Streetmosphere’s performers answers that question:

Sawmill“We are interested in being a part of our community here in Fort Collins. Our favorite venue for performance is an informal setting, where people can come and go and listen as they wish. Street performances are the most charming way to get our music out there to get people interested.”
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How to Choose the Best “Call for Entry”

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A Call for Entry is a great way for artists to gain exposure and stay active in their creative works. It can include any form of request from an art studio, exhibit, gallery, or even a contest.

There are differences among these types of entry requests and depending on the type of “call” is how you should plan your application response.

Call for artist websites are filled with opportunities and it can be hard to narrow down which ones you should take the time to apply for. So, how should you decide?

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Congrats to the Selected Streetmosphere Performers!

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Beet Street would like to give a “thumbs up!” to the selected performers for Streetmosphere 2012!

After a long process of video submissions, live auditions, and anticipation, the final list of more than 60 performers has been collaborated! You can see the full list of artists and Streetmosphere sponsors at:

You can also check out the Beet Street website for updates and information regarding when and where performances will occur.

Be sure to visit the Streetmosphere Facebook page to connect with the performers before and after they hit the streets of Fort Collins all summer long.

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Creative Capital Participants Selected

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CONGRATULATIONS to the 24 selected participants for the Creative Capital Workshop!

We had a 20% increase in submitted applications from last year’s Beet Street sponsored Creative Capital Workshop 2011 in Fort Collins, CO! This year, over 60 applications were submitted to participate in a “Professional Development Core Weekend Workshop” for artists.

After an application process of submitting online work, artistic samples, and a resume of their professional summary, a Creative Capital review panel selected the finalists. Based on the criteria that the participant could:

  • Demonstrate a successful track record of ongoing, professional artistic activity and high quality work, and who earn, or are seeking to earn, their full livelihoods from their art
  • Have creation of new work as a primary artistic focus (as compared to interpreting existing works)
  • Appear poised to transition to a new phase of his/her artistic career
  • Could benefit from setting professional goals and building upon marketing, fundraising, and financial management skills
  • Could benefit from a new network of professional contacts

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Summer Street Art Around the Nation

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Streetmosphere is a one of a kind event in Fort Collins, CO – but nationally there are numerous other summer concert and outdoor art festival events that are similarly unique. Most events occur on a specific date – unlike the all summer long events of Streetmosphere that are consistent every weekend for your entertainment!

We have gathered a list of some of the top “cousins” to Streetmosphere and will continue to add to it as the summer months approach us!

Keep checking here for listings of events and outdoor festivals for your next summer trip.

  • Oregon – Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts
  • Columbia, SC – Vista After 5 & Jammin’ in July Music Festival
  • Boston, MA – The Boston Arts Festival (September 10th-1th1)
  • Santa Clara, CA – Festival of the Arts (weekly throughout the summer)
  • Austin, TX – The Pecan Street Festival
  • Indianapolis, IN – The 57th Annual Talbot Street Art Fair (June 9th&10th)
  • Massachusetts – stART on the Street  (June 3rd)
  • Breckenridge, CO – Street Art Festival (July 27,28,29)