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Cutting Curators

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An article in the Denver Post this week sparked interest in the importance of curators to local Denver museums and art exhibitions. As the arts community faces a struggling economy in more ways than one, curators seem to be taking the brunt of the down sizing.

A curator is the creative center to a studio or exhibit and a person “who can provide a clear, coherent vision for its presentations and give it direction and purpose.” Curators serve a specific purpose that benefit any type of museum or art gallery presenting a variety of art displays.

What happens without that creative medium?

Studios such as “RedLine” a $2.5 million studio and exhibition space that opened with considerable fanfare in 2008 – has suffered without a curator presence. Lacking a curator “the center often accepts whatever exhibition proposals come over the transom, and the results are predictably mixed.”

Curators should not be taken for granted and many Denver art exhibition programs are struggling without them. They bring knowledge and experience to any art studio that is not easily replaced. Is the cut back of curators worth the artistic downfall of an exhibit? The Metropolitan art scene may think so – but this article by the Denver Post shows three art programs that are regretting that decision.

Denver Post article “Curators Becoming a Vanishing Breed on Local Art Scene”

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