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What’s in a Name?

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Thinking of changing the name of your art business? You might want to consider these 6 points before playing the name game.

You want a title that customers know, that brands you, and represents your art as well as the business you have created behind it.

Once already establishing a name for your business it might seem hard to create a new image for yourself but, fear not! has created 6 tips that they consider to be the most pertinent from an artist/creator point of view.

Here is a condensed list of their findings:

  1. Consider the type of art you create and how it could affect your family just by association
  2. Is your target audience more receptive to an artist of the same gender
  3. Would choosing a creative name allow you greater artistic expression?
  4. Does your art require a certain image or coolness to attract a particular audience?
  5. Are there any words you could place within your business name to help people instantly connect with what you do?
  6. Does your art rely on a certain location, can you use that to your advantage?

Intrigued? Check outĀ Empty Easel forĀ their indepth advice about renaming your art business.

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  1. This not only apply to art, but to all business.

    Patrick Soukup

    16 Feb 12 at 2:59 pm

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