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Denver Post’s Pulitzer Prize-Winner Named Photographer of the Year

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Craig F. Walker has been named “Newspaper Photographer of the Year” by the Missouri School of Journalism’s Pictures of the Year International competition. One of the most well known and highly respected photojournalism contests in the world.

Walker has worked for the Denver Post since 1998 and was honored by receiving the Pulitzer Prize in 2010 for his work on a feature collection of photographs. For over 27 months he documented the transition of Ian Fisher and his journey from being a high school graduate to a soldier engaged in the Iraq war.

Interests in honoring history and paying noble attention to the social and political affects of the Iraq war are the attributes that earned Walker his second honor of being named Photographer of the Year.

This award was given to him based on previous photography captured throughout his years of work at the Denver Post, as well as in a second collection of pictures documenting “Iraq War veteran, Brian Scott Ostrom, who suffers post traumatic stress disorder, and others taken at Occupy Denver protests.” (Denver Post)

The honorable photography in his portfolio show emotion, a strong sense of power, and the lasting nobility of American citizens.

Check out the article in the Denver Post celebrating their Photographer of the Year, or visit the Pulitzer Prize website to see Craig F. Walker’s winning photography collection.

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