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Creative Capital Participants Selected

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CONGRATULATIONS to the 24 selected participants for the Creative Capital Workshop!

We had a 20% increase in submitted applications from last year’s Beet Street sponsored Creative Capital Workshop 2011 in Fort Collins, CO! This year, over 60 applications were submitted to participate in a “Professional Development Core Weekend Workshop” for artists.

After an application process of submitting online work, artistic samples, and a resume of their professional summary, a Creative Capital review panel selected the finalists. Based on the criteria that the participant could:

  • Demonstrate a successful track record of ongoing, professional artistic activity and high quality work, and who earn, or are seeking to earn, their full livelihoods from their art
  • Have creation of new work as a primary artistic focus (as compared to interpreting existing works)
  • Appear poised to transition to a new phase of his/her artistic career
  • Could benefit from setting professional goals and building upon marketing, fundraising, and financial management skills
  • Could benefit from a new network of professional contacts

Out of those who applied, only 24 were selected to be given the opportunity to benefit from the Creative Capital workshop. Artists will gain insight on new perspectives from the trained Creative Capital grantees and be introduced to many networking opportunities and techniques to take their creativity to the next level of success.

The workshop will take place Friday, March 30 to Sunday, April 1, 2012 in Fort Collins, CO.

For more information about Creative Capital, visit

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