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How to Choose the Best “Call for Entry”

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A Call for Entry is a great way for artists to gain exposure and stay active in their creative works. It can include any form of request from an art studio, exhibit, gallery, or even a contest.

There are differences among these types of entry requests and depending on the type of “call” is how you should plan your application response.

Call for artist websites are filled with opportunities and it can be hard to narrow down which ones you should take the time to apply for. So, how should you decide?

Remember that as an artist – your creativity and investments in time and money are what you are putting forth in an application.

You should evaluate where the best use of your assets is going to be and apply from there. Based on how you can better yourself professionally and artistically in a creative outlet.

To help you decide on which Call for Entry to apply for, keep these questions in mind:

  1. Is the produced in the exhibition relevant to your present collection of work?
  2. If you were to be chosen, does being in that exhibition help progress your career plan?
  3. Is the scale (actual size) of the requested art, reasonable for you to create at this time? Based on your experience and talents?
  4. Does the timeline of deadlines and work parameters allow you to maintain the expected quality in your art?
  5. Is the reward, commission, prize, or award – make your time and money spent seem financially feasible?

While there are always exceptions for each artist and your personal artistic experience, but each Call for Entry should be a collaborative way for you to use your talents, time, and resources in the best way possible.

These tips and evaluation questions have been collaborated from Art Biz by Debby L. Williams (Director of Oklahoma Art in Public Places)

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