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Why Audition for Streetmosphere?

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After selecting our group of 63 performers for the 2012 Streetmosphere summer series, we wondered – why did all these talented folks audition to perform on the streets of Fort Collins?

A collaborative list of answers by a few of Streetmosphere’s performers answers that question:

Sawmill“We are interested in being a part of our community here in Fort Collins. Our favorite venue for performance is an informal setting, where people can come and go and listen as they wish. Street performances are the most charming way to get our music out there to get people interested.”
Art on Mountain“Exposure and artist recognition, which will be especially impactful if our performers are scheduled right next to our gallery.”
Cary Morin -“To play a show in Fort Collins in a relaxed atmosphere open to the public”
Stacey Tomaszewski – “I’ve seen Streetmosphere performers for the past two years, and it always looked like so much fun!  I auditioned because I love performing in all venues.  Another chance to perform regularly is an exciting prospect for me.”
Elyse Miller “I’ve really enjoyed working with Streetmosphere in previous years. I love the reactions of people passing by and performing outdoors all summer.”
Northern Colorado Potters Guild“We were part of Streetmosphere last year. It was really fun to bring our potters wheels downtown and make pots, sharing the mystery and magic that goes into creating something from clay.”
Tim Foolery Magic” In 2010, I saw no involvement by magicians in Fort Collins.  So, I auditioned for Streetmosphere 2011, mostly to let people know that there are magicians available in the local area.  Also, being a part-time professional magician, there is always a challenge to stay current, and fresh.  Streetmosphere provided much welcomed performance time in between my regular bookings.  Finally, my experience at street performing was limited.  It was a great chance to try something relatively new.  I was surprised and delighted when asked to be a part of Streetmosphere again in 2012.”

The excitement for Streemosphere stems from its performers, and we are so happy to have such a great line up of talent who share our passion for entertainment.

The 2012 Streetmosphere series will kick off on May 11th – check our Facebook page for updates and the Streetmosphere home page for more information about the schedule as well as performer information!

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