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A Sun Filled Mother’s Day

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Jessalyn Wold dances along to the sounds of T-Band.

Mother’s Day was a bright and happy one this year filled with music, art and sunshine! The rain took a break on Sunday to let the sun come through and the kids come out to play.

One of the performers, T-Band, set up shop in front of Ingredient, where quite a few little dancers joined them. The kids loved the sounds of the strings and could not help but stop and dance along with the band. They twirled about as their parents sat and clapped along or, in some cases, joined in.

T-Band was sure to engage with the audience, talking to the people at the restaurant, in addition to those on the street in between songs. Their bluegrass style of music was a definite crowd pleaser, setting the upbeat mood for the afternoon.

In addition to T-Band, Amelia Caruso, Crosson-Sloniker Consort, Staci Tomaszewski, and Peggy Quinn also performed. The variety of acts worked together to provide a harmonious mix of entertainment, providing something for everyone.

This Sunday was a preview of things to come, displaying the talent that is present this season. So be sure to stop by Streetmosphere, from now until September 2. With a surprise around every corner, you cannot afford to miss it! For more information, including this upcoming week’s schedule, check out our website and feel free to tell us what you think.

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