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Warmer Weather Welcomes Streetmosphere!

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Dance Express at Streetmosphere, May 19, 2012

Streetmosphere saw much larger crowds this past weekend due to the warmer weather. For Streetmosphere’s opening weekend, community members and talent had to sit through dreary weather that was in the forties, so it was a joy to see crowds around the performers this past weekend! Streetmosphere was a host to many types of talent from visual artists to musical performers to dance groups.

Dance Express was founded in 1989 by Jane Slusarski-Harris and Mary Elizabeth Lenahan, who continues to direct the troupe. Dance Express is a dance company for persons with and without disabilities, as pictured. The troupe performs over ten times a year at community events, such as church talent shows. Chosen to perform with Streetmosphere, the members of Dance Express danced to many pieces this past Saturday, including group performances and solo performances. Mary Elizabeth Lenahan, the director of Dance Express, also performs with the group and can be seen on the very left hand side of the photo. As one of the members stated at the end of their last dance, Mary Elizabeth Lenahan is “the best teacher ever,” and continues to provide a lasting experience for persons with and without disabilities.

MEEK Design is comprised of a visual artist who focuses on shapes in his work. This past Saturday, the artist worked on a piece that was built entirely of diamond and triangle shapes in the foreground and circles in the background. The artist simply did this piece with a black permanent marker. Upon talking with the artist, I learned that he covered the frame of a bike with the same diamond and triangle shapes. He used a white paint pen and was able to draw seven to eight lines between each pump of the pen. He claims it took him about a month to finish drawing on the frame of the bike. He attracted a lot of enthusiastic community members with his drawing on Saturday.

MEEK Design and Dance Express were just two of many of the chosen groups to perform with Streetmosphere this past weekend. Both will be doing more performances and showings later this summer, so come check them out!

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Written by Alina Osika, Intern with Streetmosphere

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