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A member of C.R.O.M.A tap dances while the band plays old-time music.

Beet Street’s second weekend of Streetmosphere performances brought people to the street and dancing to their feet in Old Town Fort Collins.

The Central Rockies Old Time Music Association, also known as C.R.O.M.A., played in Oak Street Plaza Saturday evening. With their tent nestled neatly to the side, the group left plenty of room for dancing in the plaza.

The members of C.R.O.M.A. describe themselves as just a couple of friends playing music together. On Saturday, the music of the group’s three fiddles, two banjos, guitar, and cello attracted audiences of all ages to the square. The musicians all tapped their feet in synchronization to the music and to each other, and one of the banjo players occasionally took the stage to do some tap dancing of her own. She invited the audience to join in on all of the foot tapping, and soon enough the plaza was filled with people line dancing and clapping along to the music.

The theme of friendship continued through the rest of the weekend. Matt Smiley gathered two of his friends to lighten the mood as dozens of people roamed the streets dressed in zombie makeup. Matt Smiley Jazz performed at the Ingredient location for a steady crowd of jazz-lovers. The band’s drummer, cellist, and guitarist blasted a variety of tunes that could be heard from a two-block radius. Though no audience members or zombies broke into spontaneous tap dance, many did bob and sway their bodies to the music as they enjoyed the sunny weather in Old Town.

There are no acts this weekend (May 25-27 for Memorial Day), but be sure to check back at our website for next week’s schedule and feel free to tell us what you think!


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