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Carolyn Lattenbach brings crowds to Oak Street

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Carolyn Lattenbach wows the crowd at Oak Street Plaza

“So, do you think Carolyn Lattenbach is cool?”

This was the question posed to a young boy, about the age of 5, at Oak Street Plaza on Saturday, as people found a seat or a place to dance and listened to the musical stylings of singer/songwriter Carolyn Lattenbach. Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, the young artist brought both her guitar and ukulele as well as an impressive voice out on the town. Performing covers as diverse as Gary Jules’ Mad World and Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, as well as original compositions, she gathered a large crowd that stuck around for most of the afternoon. Easy going and friendly, Lattenbach not only impressed with her music but also her familiarity, actively talking to the audience and cracking jokes during her set. At one point, she told the crowd, “Now this is an original, and it’s not a very nice song. But it’s played on a ukulele, and whatever you play on a ukulele sounds happy!”

So when asked if he thought Lattenbach was cool, the boy’s answer, with a giant smile spread across his face, was a strong and resounding, “Yeah!”

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