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Come Out and Dance!

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This past weekend, the streets were filled with artists, dancers, and musicians, all bringing new sights and sounds to Downtown. They were not, however, the only performers out for the afternoon. Children and adults, those big and small, came out with their dancing shoes on!
The group Viewsic, a piano, drum, and painter trio who work together to create both a visual and auditory experience, drew community members of all ages. While the drummer and pianist played classic favorites, they had their image captured in an imaginative new scene of paints and pastels. Bringing Old Town Square to life, more than one curious bystander felt compelled to stop.
It was more than just standing and watching, however. One little boy could not contain himself as he ran, twirled, jumped and danced to the sounds, while another child stomped his feet. A little girl was fascinated by the painting coming to life before her eyes, and couples sang along with the songs they knew. What a great thing to see, a whole community brought together, participating and sharing, celebrating the arts here in Fort Collins!
Make sure you come out, and see what surprises are in store!  There are no performances next weekend (May 25-27, 2012), but Streetmopshere returns June 1!

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