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Weekend Spotlight: Half Moon Arts

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Alicia Randall, 17, works on painting her piece entitled 'Dragon'

Bright colors, towering animal faces, and wood chips lined College Avenue this weekend, while as many as 4 artists worked away with Half Moon Arts. The local non-profit, run by Rose Moon, works with at-risk youth, ages 13-21, to create an environment both artistic and imaginative.

The program utilizes the process of making totem poles to inspire the participants. From a log of wood, they carve out a unique world, followed by a heaping amount of colorful paint. Creativity is highly encouraged, helping to promote self-esteem and healing. The work produced by these amazing young people sells through local events, allowing for feelings of accomplishment and success. The organization has been commissioned to make totem poles for many organizations in town as well, such as the Fort Collins Cat Rescue.

Alicia Randall, age 17, took some time to talk with me about her piece. Entitled ‘Dragon,’ the 3 foot tall pole is an array of reds, depicting the fiery reptile of legend. Randall talked about the process of attempting to install LED lights into the piece so it glowed, and her process of problem solving when it didn’t work. Instead, she said, she would be placing iridescent gems as an inset into the piece.

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