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Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet: Sam Arrieta, Chris Krueger, Cody Krueger, and Zach Garcia (pictured left to right)

Comprised of professional musicians from the Fort Collins area, the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet embodies everything that is Fort Collins music.

The Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet has performed several Streetmosphere performances this summer and has certainly gathered a lot of local attention. Performing at sites such as Moe’s Original Barbeque and Oak Street Plaza, the Quartet appeals to a wide variety of audiences by playing all types of genres: polka, jazz, classical, ceremonial, and even some modern pop. 

First drawn in by the sheer size of their instruments, audience members stick around to not only marvel in the fact that these guys can hold that much weight… but also to enjoy in the fun and relaxed environment that the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet provides in their performances.

Fort Collins community members were welcomed by the Quartet to come up and talk with the members in-between pieces, children certainly didn’t hesitate to dance along with the polka music, and the group was even caught in a drive-by picture taken by a fan.

Being music educators in the Northern Colorado area, the members of the Four Tuba Quartet love to educate their audiences about what kind of instruments they’re playing during their performances, and also about the types of music the audience members are hearing; the members also focus on educating students around Northern Colorado through private instruction.

Their focus on sharing diverse performances, providing a friendly atmosphere, and their dedication to Fort Collins by providing state-of-the-art performances and educational opportunities is what truly sets the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet apart from other performing ensembles.

It’s not everyday that you see a quartet of tubas playing on the street, so come check them out at their next Streetmosphere performance on June 23rd at 5pm at Moe’s Original Barbeque in Old Town.

The Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet has a website! For more information on performances, events, lessons or members, or to contact the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet about playing for your event, check them out here!

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Written by Alina Osika, Intern with Streetmosphere

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