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Only in Fort Collins

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One of many musicians unique to the Fort Collins scene: dACCORDion.

Only in Fort Collins can you expect to find a surprise around every corner. That’s Streetmosphere’s slogan, and we’re sticking to it!

The program just completed its seventh weekend of performances in Old Town, Fort Collins. Despite some bad weather and some smoky air, we couldn’t be more pleased with the performances, the artists, and the crowds that have come out to support Streetmosphere every weekend.

All these feelings of nostalgia prompted the “street team” to dig deeper—to uncover the things about Streetmosphere and Fort Collins that are truly different than anywhere else in the world. It wasn’t difficult to find these things; in fact, the list had grown exponentially after just one day of observation.

So here it is: the first ever “Only in Fort Collins” list, Streetmosphere edition!

Only in Fort Collins can you find…

– A balloon artiste and a folksy, tap dancer performing in the same place (at the same time).

– Painted pianos all about town.

– A group of musicians calling themselves Fiddle Whamdiddle.

– A gypsy street trio that jokes and laughs in the midst of playing a song.

– A dance troupe that sets up a stage and brings more than 40 girls to dance in Oak Street Plaza.

– The high school aged students of HalfMoon Arts carving totem poles by hand.

– Millions of perfectly round circles painted by Amelia Caruso.

– An accordion player who brings extra accordions for children to learn to play.

– A collection of baskets and sculptures made entirely out of zippers.

– Peter and the Wolves visiting each and every performer on any given day.

– Swing dancing in Oak Street Plaza.

– The cute and colorful cats and dogs painted by Ren Burke.

– People who drive up from Boulder, Colo. specifically to watch Streetmosphere take place.


Come out to support our artists so that Streetmosphere can continue making memories! For more information about Streetmosphere artists and schedules, be sure to check out our website or our Facebook page and take our survey to let us know what you think! And don’t forget, while you’re at next week’s event, pick up a guidebook to learn more about our sponsors!

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