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MDT3, with a special guest (right center), in front of Mo's Bar-B-Que on Friday night.

This past Friday, I began my internship with Beet Street. What a fun night to start out!There were performances and artists to pique anyone’s interest. My favorite, however, had to be MDT3.

MDT3 is a jazz trio made up of Ron Holleman (trumpet), Chuck Landgraf (drums), and Tim Gauthier (guitar). These gentlemen have been involved in the Colorado jazz scene for quite some time now and they each belong to multiple bands besides MDT3.  They name their group after Ron’s marquis instrument: the Morrison Digital Trumpet (MDT). Though Ron is a very talented trumpeter, he played the MDT just about as often as he did his traditional instruments on Friday.

The MDT is a fascinating piece of equipment. It covers 10 octaves and has literally thousands of sounds that it emits. Ron told me that there are only 10 of them in the United States. If you’re interested in learning more about the MDT, click here for a nifty video.

The show put on by MDT3 was a delight to take in on a warm summer night. The group jammed, played some covers, (including Miles Davis’ “Bye Bye Blackbird”) and just provided a cool sound for the many passers-by and patio diners at Mo’s Bar-B-Que. A friend of the band even dropped by and played alongside them for a song.

If you ever get the chance to see MDT3, please don’t pass it up. Ron, Chuck, and Tim love jazz and they love to talk to people in between songs or after shows. My first week at Beet Street set the bar pretty high but I’m already excited for next week’s lineup of shows and performances! See you out there!

J.P., Intern at Beet Street


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