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Three, two, one… Tuba!

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Cody Krueger of the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet

When you become a street musician, you want your performance to be memorable. You want people to stop, watch, listen, and groove to the music. You want people to take pictures, grab your flyers, and tell their friends. You want to entertain, and you want to do it well, obviously.

No one masters the art of street performance better than Streetmopshere’s Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet. The quartet played outside of Cache Bank this past Friday evening.

Their first attention getter: they are a quartet of three members. This isn’t entirely true, but it happened to be the case Friday night, which was highly confusing to the people on the streets of Fort Collins. The Four Tuba Quartet played for three hours with only three tubas… a trio, according to most dictionaries. Their fourth band member had prior commitments, but that didn’t prevent the three remaining tuba players from pouring their heart and soul into their performance.

The “Quartet’s” second secret weapon: play songs that everyone knows. Many people have never heard the sound of three tubas bellowing “Just Dance,” by Lady Gaga, or the “Family Guy” theme song. Those are just two of the many recognizable songs the Quartet has in their repertoire. Of course, they play classical and jazz tunes as well.

The third method to their madness: be absolutely charming to passersby. The three boys performing with the Tuba Quartet were so approachable and friendly that one family wanted to take a photo with the band! The trio would tell jokes in between songs and chat with people in the crowd when they weren’t playing; when they were playing, they would exude the same charisma by bobbing up and down and truly engaging in the music of the tubas.

If you didn’t have a chance to check out the Fort Collins Four Tuba Quartet this past weekend, there’s still time!

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